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​Our lives were forever changed the morning of July 25, 2010, when our beloved Julie Ann Webster was tragically taken from us at the hands of a drunk driver.

Saturday, July 24, 2010 started out like any normal day for Julie. She already had plans to go out Saturday night and when she went to her part-time job that day she practiced singing songs for karaoke while at work. She came home around 7:30 PM, and expressed her excitement for karaoke with her parents. Julie then got ready to go out. Her initial plan was to go to karaoke with just her girlfriends but her boyfriend insisted on going with her.

​​After the karaoke was over, the group traveled to another tavern. Witnesses and friends saw Julie and her boyfriend arguing about who was going to drive home and Julie told him it was her car and to give her back the keys.

Her boyfriend demanded to drive (it was later discovered that Julie's boyfriend had been drinking for several hours prior to going out). At about 2:15 AM, Sunday, July 25, Julie's car left the roadway and hit a ditch. Julie's body was ejected from the vehicle and she was seriously injured.  She went to be with the Lord approximately 2 hours after the incident. Her cause of death was blunt force trauma to the chest.  

Julie's family was shocked when receiving the news about Julie's unexpected passing and continues to grieve for her every minute of every day. We know she is with the Lord and in a better place but it is hard to accept Julie's death being that she was a victim. This unfortunate tragedy has sparked friends and family to organize awareness against drunk driving. That is our mission in remembrance of Julie Ann Webster.

Additional Facts Released Concerning the Death of the Late Julie Webster:

After months of waiting for the detailed accident report, Mr. Meter, the driver, appeared at his preliminary hearing. When he was originally charged he received unsecured bail (meaning no payment was required to keep him out of jail). He remained free at will and at that point his driver's license that had been suspended for his first DUI, was reinstated so he was freely driving around.  At the Arraignment, the Centre County District Attorney Stacey Parks-Miller persuaded the Judge to overturn the bail decision and required Mr. Meter to pay $350,000 bail or be jailed. Since he was unable to raise the bail, he was escorted immediately to the Centre County Correctional Facility to await trial. That was May 2011. In October 2011 we met with the Centre County District Attorney regarding a plea bargain that was going to be offered to Meter where he would be given 3 years for killing Julie and 2 years for other crimes committed in 2009. We were told three years is the maximum sentencing for Homicide by DUI. Meter accepted the plea bargain 2 weeks later. Then at the sentencing hearing (November 14, 2011), our family and friends were able to give our victim impact statements. The statements were based on what our life is like without Julie and how this crime has affected our family. Mr. Meter was also permitted to respond and he apologized to our family and promised to change his life. He then returned to the Centre County Correctional Facility where he remained 3 more weeks. Then he was escorted by vehicle to Camp Hill Facility where he will be evaluated as to where the best rehabilitation programs are to meet his needs within the Pennsylvania State Penitentiary System.

The first time he is eligible to request parole in 3 1/2 years which is June of 2015.  His parole status request will then be reviewed by the state system as to whether or not he can be released from prison at the 5 year imprisonment term.

We have learned through-out this the legal process is that the lawyers and judges place guilt for insufficient penalties imposed by law on the law makers while the lawmakers take the stand that the  judges do not administer the maximum sentencing allowed by law. Drinking and driving is a socially-accepted crime in which we agree should have much stiffer penalties. We realize now that it's going to be an uphill battle to change the current laws and legal system. However, we are going to continue the fight to change the laws while also spreading awareness to the community and remembrance of our Julie.
Julie Ann Webster
April 18, 1985 to July 25, 2010
*** UPDATE ***

The offender who is responsible for ending Julie Webster's life has been released on parole and has been ordered to pay restitution to the Webster family.  The money that he pays will go directly into the Justice 4 Julie bank account and will be used strictly for scholarship funds. 

Justice 4 Julie has made 6 different trips to the Capitol building in Harrisburg, PA to attempt to change the current laws on drunk driving.  It has been a long and tedious process but we have been working with MADD and other advocates (PA Parents Against Impaired Driving) to strengthen the current regulations on impaired driving.  

Jeff Webster has attended two different impact panels.  One was in Tioga County and one in Somerset County.​​

We attended the Penn State LEAP program and taught incoming college freshman about the consequences of drunk driving. ​​

J4J has visited 10 PA State Prisons and spoken with inmates and staff about Julie's story.  The 10 prisons we visited were: Quehannah Boot Camp, SCI Laurel Highlands, SCI Huntingdon, SCI Benner, SCI Rockview, SCI Somerset, SCI Smithfield, SCI Muncy, SCI Houtzdale and SCI Mercer.

Julie's father Jeff also participated in the Correctional Officer Training at the PA Department of Corrections Training Academy in Elizabethtown, PA​​.

Student outreach has occurred at the following schools: Bellefonte Area HS, State College HS, Philipsburg HS, Altoona HS and Bald Eagle HS.  We are currently interested in attending other schools, so please contact us if you would like us to speak with high school students in your area!  J4J typically attends Drivers Education classes since we feel that is the most relative and effective outreach​​ platform. 

Justice 4 Julie also gives out an annual scholarship at Bellefonte Area High School.  Please visit our Scholarship page for more information.  ​​
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